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America's Real Divide Is Not Political -- It's Spiritual

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Most people see America as divided along political lines. The media will try their best to make you believe this myth so they can capture and capitalize on your attention with fear, uncertainty and doubt. However, if you zoom out it's clear that America is divided along spiritual lines. Let me explain.

There are people from every political persuasion doing God's work everyday.

There are also people from every political persuasion making the world a worse place everyday. These people tend to be driven by money and vices, rather than a spiritual imperative to make the world a better place. These are the people the media from both sides focus on. These are the people prey on basic human tribalist instincts and leach off of hardworking people.

I refuse to buy into any divisive narrative that asserts something as black and white as 'every Biden supporter is a loser/snowflake', 'every Trump supporter is a racist/idiot/complicit in racism', or 'everyone who has never felt passionate enough to vote' (like me) is unappreciative of history or somehow complicit in things outside of their control'. Growing up in the North and living in the South for 10 years, I've simply met too many people from every political background that defy these stereotypes.

America's real divide is not political - it's spiritual. The apparent political divide is just a distraction from the root cause of all individual and societal problems.

There are people making the world a better and worse place who come from all political backgrounds. For example, I respect a socialist organic farmer who sacrifices profit to provide natural foods for her community more than I respect a guy who spent his whole life using his enormous inheritance to build gaudy buildings, deceitful 'universities' and failed casinos designed to increase people's egos and siphon their money. I respect a Trump-supporting entrepreneur who has made a positive difference for his/her community more than a guy who has spent his life lobbying for corporate America and for laws to throw impoverished people in jail for non-violent crimes while the criminals in their own family gets off scot-free.

I respect a Libertarian who has created a loving and happy family more than I respect a lifetime politician who has magically made $100 million while in public office and likes to hypocritically lecture the public while acting above the rules they preach. I respect a Biden-supporting democrat who has created a non-profit that has made a difference in the world more than a conservative talking head who instills hate and fear and people's hearts every night.

I respect a Republican nurse or teacher who wakes up everyday to help others more than a purposeless Democrat who spends much of their precious time and energy transferring the toxic energy from cable news and social media into their own lives. I respect a Non-voting doctor who does everything in their power to not prescribe Adderall/Anti-Anxiety meds to kids more than a Democratic sports star who uses his power to endorse poisonous processed sugar products that he himself doesn't use. I respect a Democratic environmentalist who works on local projects to conserve the environment, more than a Big Pharma lobbyist whose sole mission in life is to sneak legislation in to keep Americans addicted to drugs they don't need. I could go on and on. There are people from all sides who are using their God-Given gifts to make the world a better place, and vice versa.

The sad reality is that politics has filled a spiritual void in America.

Without religion, people flock to politics to find meaning and to feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves. The Democrat/Republican paradigm is America's version of the Sunnie/Shia gap. Most people have a lot more in common with one another than the media who focusses on the worst spirits of each group will lead you to believe. Unfortunately, it takes an outside attack and loss of lives for Americans to all be reminded of this.

Many people think they can absolve their sins of regular life by identifying with the 'better' narcissist candidate and basing their sense of morality on who they vote more, as opposed to their daily actions. Spiritually bankrupt people like Harvey Weinstein try to rationalize their disgusting behavior by supporting the Democratic party and Women's causes. Other spiritually bankrupt people on the other side, like Lindsey Graham for example, choose to embrace the worst parts of Republicanism to cover up their insecurities and to feel like they belong to a group.

Some even think that because they stay constantly glued to their toxic echo chambers they call 'news', they no longer have the responsibility to vote everyday with their time, energy, and money for a better world.

They complain about corporations' power in Washington, while instead of paying more for local and ethically made products, they choose to buy lower priced goods from corporations/countries who use unethical labor and ruin the environment. They complain about how the government needs to do something about humans' impact on the environment, while mindlessly consuming much more plastic and fossil fuels than they need. They argue that government bureaucrats should fix poverty, education, and health care, without ever volunteering their time, energy or money to these causes. There are people from all political persuasions that complain incessantly, all the while not using their energy, time and God given talents to actually improve the world.

Then there are the do-ers from all political backgrounders. The people creating a better world however they know best - creating families, creating businesses that make the world a better place, teaching, inspiring, making art, cultivating, loving, nourishing, searching for truth, conserving natural resources, helping those in need, etc.

The people I respect most in life come from all different political backgrounds. Their political identity doesn't matter to me.

I no longer choose to judge others based on their political opinion. You can be a Biden supporter, Trump Supporter, Libertarian, Socialist, Non-voter or whatever else you want to call yourself. As long as you are voting with your resources everyday for a more positive world more than a more negative world, you are good in my book.

“The world is changed by examples, not by opinions." -Paulo Coelho

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