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Exciting Updates on the 5th Annual Katie V 5k

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy making this promo video on iMovie and the Facebook Event for the race. I also had some surfing to do here in Bali :).


This piece I did last year talks about my Mom's death in 2014 and how this amazing 5k in her honor was organized by some local people in our hometown.

The past 4 years the run has been at Johnson Elementary where my Mom worked. Everyone involved has such a blast, and it's truly become my favorite day of the year. You can feel my Mom's positive, fun, and loving spirit come alive on Race Day.

As we thought about the future of the race this year, we realized that it's been 5 years since she worked at Johnson and all the kids that knew my Mom are now onto Middle School. The Johnson teachers and administration do such a great job every year promoting the race, but the hard truth is we anticipated it would be harder for them to do that every passing year that students never met me Mom.

We had a simple choice. We could either choose to start winding down this amazing event or really go for it.

This year my sister and I are taking a more active roll in supporting the race director, Robin Macblane, with continuing to grow the event.

What's New This Year

2019 Race Poster. Shoutout to my talented cousin Jeremy for the help with the poster design)

  1. The venue will be at the iconic Lookout Farm, one of my Mom's favorite places, and the oldest continuously operating farm in North America. Last year we had the after party at Lookout Farm and it was so much fun!

  2. Race participants will also get complimentary admission to Lookout for the day!(Typically $20)

  3. We've moved the event to the fall so that we had more time to plan this year's changes and because the dates seem to work better for people.

  4. The official Wally mascot is coming to take photos and pump everyone up!

  5. This year's proceeds will be going to Embrace a Family, a Natick non-profit that helps local families who have been affected by cancer (My Mom loved grassroots charities like this that give back to community is concrete ways). Some of the proceeds also go to the annual Katie V scholarship that is given to Natick High seniors.

  6. Since we won't have to pay the Natick Police to shut down streets this year, even more money will go back to Embrace a Family!

  7. We are working on some really interesting sponsorship opportunities for local businesses that want exposure to the Natick community. My Mom always supported local businesses and this race is a great opportunity to help promote them, while also giving them the opportunity to give back to the community via Embrace a Family.

  8. The winners chosen at this year's prize raffle will be completely random, and include similar prizes as past years like Red Sox tickets and gift cards to local businesses.

The Future

We have plenty of ideas for how this event could continue to grow to 1000's of people in a couple of years, but we are taking one step at a time. This year our goal is to prove that we can get residents from all over Natick to sign up and set us up for even bigger sponsorships and new initiatives in future years. My Mom inspired a lot of people here on earth, and we think her legacy can continue to live on in part through this event.

Registration Information

To all who are reading this that attend the race, thanks for your support. It means the world to our whole family.

If you're in the Boston/Natick area, don't miss this fun day! Mark yourself as going or interested on the Facebook event and find the link to the early bird pricing here.

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