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  • James von der Lieth

God Is My Leader

💡💡💡 God is the light in darkness.

In a world increasingly governed by fear, faith is the answer. Faith in the same God that all religions and spirituality practices describe. Faith in the God that connects us all to one another.

Today, I endorse God as my only leader. I also feel compelled to pray that regardless of the result of the election, we can find love and understanding for one another and not let the media corporations tear us apart by spreading fear, hatred and disunity so they can keep our attention on their advertisements for materialistic things and artificial solutions that take us further from God.

🙏🏻 God allow us all to find you, serve you, trust you, love you, harmonize with you, be healed by you and live with you. God please allow us to remember that despite our differences we all come from the same place and return to the same place. Allow us to remember that we are all connected to one another, despite the worldly labels we choose to identify with and judge others for. God please don’t let the media tear us apart and succeed in their mission to keep us from loving and understanding ALL our brothers and sisters in this 🌎.

God allow us to recognize that everyone has been given a special gift from you. In other words, everyone is different. God allow us to celebrate these differences and not demonize them. God allow us to be more Buddha-like or Christ-like and less judgmental of others different from us - including those with different political opinions, philosophies, religions, sexes, skin colors, values, nationalities and ideas for solutions, .

God please allow America and the world to be a place where people can freely express themselves and their God-given gifts without censorship and violence from group-thinking mobs and the power-hungry. God allow us to remember that humans aren't defined by their ideas for a better future (political preferences). God allow us to recognize that ALL political leaders are also imperfect people and to help us find grace for all people. God allow our political leaders, whomever they may be, to serve you and not their own egos.

God allow us to lead by example and not by violence. God please allow us to love each other, especially those who are different from us. God allow us to help each other heal. God please work through us to spread love and understanding. 🌎 🤝

I'm an entrepreneur, consultant for tech startups and VRM's, investor, STR owner, writer, and a digital nomad.

I blog about the lessons I'm learning on my journey to live a financially free 💸, healthy 🏃 and location independent life ✈️

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