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My Next Entrepreneurial Venture

Updated: Feb 27

The Daily Blogging Experiment

The last month of daily blogging has been an amazing experience. I'd recommend everyone try it. By forcing myself to publish one public post a day, I've made sense of a lot of topics that were all jumbled in my head. I've also gotten some great feedback, made some new connections and found somewhat of a sustained readership.

Now that the month long experiment is over, I've decided to put my energy towards launching an online course that I've wanted to make for 4 years now. This means I'm going to pause the daily blogging and likely do 1 post a week when I feel I have something super valuable to share.

Month 1 Blog Results

Here are the results from the last 4 weeks. To promote the content, I made 2 FB posts, 1 Instagram story and about 20 tweets promoting the content. I decided against sending daily emails about new posts being sent out, so as not to annoy people.

Surprisingly, twitter was the best performing social media platform. This is very interesting because I get the least amount of engagement on Twitter out of all my social media platforms. I guess people are clicking the posts but not going back to like them.

In second place are people who just come directly to the website to look at new posts. I'd guess this contingent is mostly friends and family, but who knows.

I had about 10 random people reach out about gaining value from the posts and 1 influencer tweet my post, causing a big spike in engagement. Out of all the numbers, the positive feedback is what I've enjoyed the most through this experience.

Making sense of topics and getting pats on the back is great, but you know what's the best form of approval? Happy, paying customers. I believe that as an entrepreneur having Happy, paying customers is the only way to tell for sure you are adding value to the world. Happy, paying customers takes sacrifice and serving others.

The New Venture Opportunity

Since 2013, I've consulted for 100+ vacation rental management companies across North America.

It became clear when talking with these companies that there's a major gap in knowledge. Almost every business I talked to was managing over $1,000,000 in revenue with no clue how to set up an effective and efficient accounting system. They were losing $1000's and in some cases $10,000's a year. The worst of all, they had little peace of mind, knowing that they were managing millions of dollars in their trust accounts on behalf of other stakeholders that wasn't set up properly (Scary, right?!?). Through 1v1 consulting and a few service packages, I helped these owners get their systems on track.

The problem is that there was only one of me and 1000's of VRMs that needed help. I found myself repeating the same advice time and time again. You hear "niche down" all the time. Well, this is a great niche I've stumbled upon.

In 2015, I bought Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch online course on building an online course. and started to build content to launch the course. In early 2016, I put that all on hold when I joined Ceterus in 2016.

Over the last year, I've picked that project back up again here and there and even created a website for it. (It's still very much a work in progress, so please don't judge the design & sales page yet!) I've created 120+ slides of content that are now ready to be turned into legit content.

I've always been fascinated by the Vacation Rental Industry

This industry is being revolutionized by Airbnb. People are now empowered to travel the world that never could With any major market change there is a learning curve for the market participants.

This project helps me dive deeper into the industry I want to learn about.

Consulting is a great way to get paid to find product market fit.

Early Signs of Success

To my surprise, someone randomly found the course on the internet and bought the $299 course! This gave me more confidence the market exists.

My Goals For the Course

  1. Help VRM owners at scale by creating the definitive course on Automating VRM Accounting

  2. Create such an amazing experience that I have a legit brand and can create a second course for VRMs on increasing revenue through pricing, marketing, and sales techniques

  3. Make $50k in one year from this course without doing 1v1 consulting

Next Steps

  1. Create a script to turn the slides into professional quality videos

  2. Record the content

  3. Create a launch strategy. The course will likely start in December so that people can start off the new year with a fresh start.

I'm an entrepreneur, consultant for tech startups and VRM's, investor, STR owner, writer, and a digital nomad.

I blog about the lessons I'm learning on my journey to live a financially free 💸, healthy 🏃 and location independent life ✈️

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